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Mikey Mocton - Ben Adam

Mikey Mocton – Ben Adam

The fast-paced movement of life often presents us with experiences of clarity and satisfaction but equally ones of confusion and bafflement. We often find ourselves in moments of contemplation and confusion in our day to day experiences. We ask questions and don’t get answers. We sit in the face of loneliness and search for clarity. We undergo difficulties and lose sight of what is important to us. However, it is more than often that the answer is truly right in front of us. “Ben Adam” presents a gentle counsel that הקב״ה, the Creator of Our Universe is indeed the answer to all that is unfamiliar and difficult to us. He handcrafted what is troublesome and tiresome.

Finally, it is only Him who created human nature; the human nature that often forgets to return to him and to thank Him for all that he has given us.
Hope you enjoy.