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Yechiel Lazarus - Karov Hashem

Yechiel Lazarus Releases His Debut EP “Karov Hashem”

Newcomer Yechiel Lazarus has been composing songs since he was a little child and always had a love for music. He grew up in Elizabeth, NJ where he started playing piano and producing music when he was just sixteen years old. He was helped and taught by producer/arranger Chananya Begun who taught him how to play and produce music. It was while he was learning in Yeshiva there at the time, that Yechiel really starting getting ready to make music.

His debut EP titled Karov Hashem, is a small start to the album he would like to make. Click below to listen to three songs from the album, and enjoy.

Karov Hashem is available for digital purchase
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Karov Hashem – Composed, Produced and arranged by Yechiel.
Mixed and Mastered by Jake Antelis

V’ohavta (Feat. DJ YLK) – Composed by Yechiel. Produced and Arranged by Yehuda Kellman.
Mixed and Mastered by Jake Antelis.

Habet NA – Composed by Yechiel. Produced, Arranged, mixed and mastered by Jake Antelis.