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Jeremy Gaisin & Shmueli Schwartz - Ki Lo Na'eh

Jeremy Gaisin & Shmueli Schwartz – Ki Lo Na’eh

Jeremy Gaisin & Shmueli Schwartz are two very talented musicians/singers, who were roommates together many years ago during their yeshiva days. The duo composed a Purim song together, that many still sing today titled Umordechai Yatsah. This year, a few days after Purim, with the Purim spirit/wind still in their sails they composed this new Pesach song “Ki Lo Na’eh,” and went into record together the next night.
They hope you enjoy the song and that it increases your Simchas Yom Tov!

Composed and performed by Jeremy Gaisin and Shmueli Schwartz
Hebrew Lyrics: Haggadah, Liturgy
Executive Producer: Jeremy Gaisin
Produced and Arranged by Sam Glaser
Guitars: Jeremy Gaisin
Keyboards, bass, programming: Sam Glaser
Video shot and edited by: Danny Knust of Deervision Motion Pictures
Special thanks to Erica and Niv Davidovich who graciously allowed us to film in their home.