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Levi Niasoff - Hazino Elokim

Levi Niasoff – Haazino Elokim

This beautiful song was composed by Aviel Graucher – (the famous) Dedi’s son – from Israel.
Aviel has some big hits throughout Israel, and we all saw him accompany his father on piano at HASC a few years ago.

Haazino Elokim is sung by the talented Levi Niasoff – who Kikar Hashabat labeled the ’ילד הפלה האוסטרלי’ (Wonder Child from Australia) and was arranged & produced by Aron Niasoff (Rikod Studios – Los Angeles) It is a prayer to G-d, and a reassurance that G-d hears and listens to our prayers, and responds in kind.

Mixed by Aron Niasoff (Rikod Studios)
Mastered by Ilya Lishinsky
Singer: Levi Niasoff
Background Vocals: Aron Niasoff
Drums: Oren Halmut
Bass: Christopher Soulos
Guitar: Yohai Portal
Sax: Andrew Oh
Piano & Strings: Aron Niasoff