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Sruli Lipschitz - Tzeedrait

Sruly Lipschitz Releases A New Single For Chodesh Adar “Tzeedrait”

Singer and composer Sruly Lipschitz just released a new single in honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar 1. The song titled “Tzeedrait” talks about the colors of thread used in the Mishkan and all of the colors (Techeiles Argomon etc.) were Tzeedrait twisted/woven together. If you listen to the “rap” of the song Sruly sings about how when you have clothing and materials that have lots of colors together they look beautiful, so too Klal Yisroel where you have different type of yidden from different background, they should all be Tzeedrait together with achdus.

Written and performed by: Sruly Lipschitz
Piano by: Mendy Goldberg
Mix by: Yanki Brown, EQ Studios
Graphics by: Ari Ch. and Mirigraph