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New! Uncle Moishy’s World DVD Trailer!

Uncle Moishy is back in town! Except that this time he’s on a farm! His young friends, Simcha and Chaim introduce him to some new animal friends. There’s Kalman the Careful Cow who always thinks twice! He ponders every action and consequence before making a mooooooove. Giddy the Giving Goat always has something to share. When it comes to generosity, Giddy simply cannot be bleat! Then there’s Shalom the Shy Sheep who lives a modest life. He may be the quiet type, but his kind actions speak louder than words! Last, but certainly not least, there’s Dani the Dancing Deer. Always with a smile, he’s happy to see those he holds deer.

Uncle Moishy reminds us, with the help of his new friends just how fun and lesson-filled our own world can be. Join them on their amazing journey of learning about Torah and Mitzvos in a whole new and upgraded way!

Meir Kay, a master at what he does, has brought Uncle Moishy’s World to a whole new level of quality entertainment for the entire family. The video features music from Uncle Moishy’s Welcome CD.

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