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OHAD & Itzik Dadya Capture New York!

Ohad Moskowitz and Itzik Dadya appeared in front of a crowd of thousands in New York last night at the annual Sukkot concert. Accompanied by Gershon Freishtat, the two performed the best classics of all time, alongside new material.

Last night, in a festive performance that became almost a tradition on Sukkot, the two filled the Hall of the Masters Theater in New York, the two Israeli superstars Ohad Moskowitz and Itzik Dadya. Ohad, for whom New York is his second home, gave the audience the show they so much love and know, the energies and the mighty voice that never ends. Which was joined by Itzik Dadya, who is gradually establishing his status here in the Big Apple as the official refreshing of Jewish music, and together they presented a huge show and invested in the production of David Fadida, who has not seen New York for a long time.

Accompanied by Maestro Gershon Freishtat and the orchestra which was flown from Israel, Ohad and Dadya performed the best classical of all time, when in fact Ohad released his new album ‘Beshaah Tova‘ last month. For the audience, it was the first chance to hear the new album’s hit hits live.

Solo performances echoing, joint duets, and exclusive moments that have not yet been seen onstage. Accompanied by multimedia clips and a special lighting show, above all the thundering voice of the evening host, the legendary Nachum Segal, all of them joined a gigantic show that thousands of people in the hall will not forget soon.

Photo credit: Shimi Kutner



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