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The Greatest Jewish Singers Celebrated in New York [Gallery]

A number of major Jewish singers celebrated a major Simchas Beis Hashoeiva in New York. Ohad Moskowitz held a major and one of a kind concert together with Itzik Dadya, Uziah Tzadok, and the Kinderlach, together with Aaron Teitelbaum Productions, in conjunction with FDD productions. Some of the biggest hits in Jewish music took on new forms and new colors under the arrangement of the pair of conductors Gershon Freishtat and Yisroel Lamm together, accompanied by the Yedidim Choir.

The concert opened with some warm up performances by the Kinderlach and Uziah Tzadok, giving the American crowd a taste of the high standards of Israeli musical performances. Itzik Dadya also did quite a number and got the Master Theater up on its feet. Then came the main course: Ohad Moskowitz electrified the crowd with a hypnotizing performance of the song Ve’Hareinu.

Immediately thereafter all of the singers went up on the stage, to uproarious applause for a joint performance of the song Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, which justified the title of the concert “Jerusalem in New York“. At this point, the crowd fully understood that this concert is not something that is often experienced in New York, and then Ohad broke into a fast medley of some of his hits including V’Airastich and Malchuscha.

The MC of the evening, Nachum Segal, shook the hall with his booming deep voice, and then to more applause the Kinderlach came out for a performance of some of their major hits. Dadya then came back out on stage to a special performance of Adetanya with Ohad. As a special surprise, Yossi Green accompanied them on the piano for the song. Then, as a special treat, Dadya performed a medley of some of his best hits.

Then came the moment that everyone was waiting for, Ohad returned to the stage and taught the crowd the song Levado from his upcoming new album. Within minutes, thousands of audience members were already singing with him the hit song that will conquer the Chassidic music world in the upcoming years.

Before the conclusion of the concert, Ohad dedicated a few words to the composer R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, who is responsible for a large number of hits, and did a new medley of his songs as well. Towards the end of that, Uziah Tzadok and Itzik Dadya joined him for a performance of the incredible song Maduah.

When the crowd heard the first few notes of the hit song Lemelech, they all understood that the concert was coming to its conclusion, and that it was now time for one last major celebration. Hundreds of people got up from their chairs to dance, to sing with these major singers in a performance that has not been seen in New York for many years. Immediately after the concert, the singers went straight back to the airport to finish off their Succos events in Israel.

[Photo Credit: Chaim Twito]


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