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Part 2 of “The Adventures of The Shpy” Is Now Streaming Online

The fun and excitement continues with “part 2″. There’s trouble in the air.

Agent 18 spotted a delivery man carrying boxes of “moldstein chocolate” into a grocery store that sells “goldsteins chocolate!” He immediately gets a funny feeling that the Yetzer Harah is up to no good! Agent 18 calls his boss, Agent 613, who then orders the Shpy and Feivel to get to the bottom of it all.

The Shpy is the top secret agent at Tzivos Hashem and together with is sidekick Feivel do all they can to keep the Yetzer Horah from getting in the way of Jewish children learning Torah and doing mitzvos.The Shpy uses humor and fun to teach children timely and timeless lessons.

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The shpy appears in the children’s magazine The Moshiach Times to subscribe click here: