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Akiva Margaliot - V’Essa

Akiva Margaliot & Yoely Dickman “V’Essa”

Singer and artist Akiva Margaliot is breaking a 10-year musical silence and is releasing the single V’Essa, the first single from the album Margaliot and Friends. Margaliot first came on to the Jewish music scene about 30 years ago. Since then he released 3 albums with a flavor of the good old days. His fourth album which he is currently working on jumps from the past to the present, from Chassidic niggunim to more contemporary Jewish music.

In this album there are original compositions, the fruits of father Akiva and his son Moshe Margaliot. Yoely Dickman arranged the album. In this single, Margaliot is joined by the Moetzet Ha’Shira Ha’Yehudit, under the leadership of Yishai Lapidot.