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Arale Weintraub Presents: Dimot Mishtalvut

A moving story composed and sung by Arale Weintraub

Brief summary of the moving story:

A Jew comes to visit the holy Rebbe from Vorka and asks the Rebbe for a yeshua for his sick son. The Rebbe answered that he wasn’t capable of helping him and the Jew left with heavy tears. On his way home, he noticed a wagon quickly approaching and inside was the Holy Rebbe. The Rebbe stepped out of the wagon and said, “When you left my house, I noticed how much you were crying and I said to myself, it’s true I am incapable of saving your young son but I can surely cry along with you”. The man was overtaken and they started crying on each other’s shoulders. All of a sudden, the Rebbe lifted his hands and said to the Jew, “Say a lchaim because your salvation has come, for when a Jew cries over the troubles of his friend, he is able to accomplish high and lofty things!!”
(Told over by Rav Shlomo Carlebach z”l)