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IVDU – The Special Education School of Yachad presents their new music video “IVDU”, featuring Zevi Kaufman Arranged, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Ian Freitor & Vlad Orzhakhovski (Playmaster Studios) Horns by Danny Flam (New York Brass) Additional Choirs & Harmonies by Shloime Kaufman (feat Nachi & Yanky) Produced, Composed and Performed by Zevi Kaufman ( & Video Credits: Producer/Director: Meir Kay Cinematographer: Shimmy Socol[…]

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Matt Dubb - Achshav

Matt Dubb – Achshav (Lyric Video)

Mega DJ Matt Dubb is back with another EDM hit new single, his cover of a foreign hit. The new song is called Achshav and is a cover of lyricist Shahar Hadar. Music/Producer: Matt Dubb Vocals: Matt Dubb Choir: Mendy Worch, Nusi Genut, Matt Dubb Vocal Studios: Eli Gerstner (EG[…]

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Mordechai Shapiro - Abba


On the way to a new album, Mordechai Shapiro today releases “Abba“, a strong and energetic single, accompanied by a sweet music video featuring his children. “This song is about our constant search, human beings, for Hakados Baruch Hu,” Mordechai explains. “We ask from Hashem not to hide his face[…]

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Boruch Sholom - Chai Hashem

Boruch Sholom Releases New Single “Chai Hashem”

Singer and composer Boruch Sholom Blesofsky releases a exciting new single titled “Chai Hashem.” BSB announced that this song was recorded with no pitch correction or auto-tune in the vocals, a first in Jewish music in the last 20+ years. He wanted to keep the vocal very rough. The lyrics[…]

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