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שינויים 1920

He Returns: Oriel Maor “Shinuyim”

Oriel Maor is releasing a new single called Shinuyim. He has a long history in the Jewish music world, having released his debut album about 15 years ago, but then he took a very long break to settle in the quiet northern Israel home he built for himself. Oriel wrote[…]

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Moshe Dovid - Vayehi Binsoa Ha’Aron

Vayehi Binsoa Ha’Aron – New Single By Moshe Dovid

Vayehi Binsoa Ha’Aron… These special Pesukim form a self-contained Sefer in the middle of Chumash Bamidbar. They describe the ideal level of Klal Yisrael being led by Hashem under His direct Hashgacha. The whole world will perceive His Shechina among us and our enemies will shrink away. Moshe Dovid is[…]

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Avrum Mordche Schwartz - Ki Loi Sazov

Avrum Mordche Schwartz – Ki Loi Sazov

Chasidic singer and songwriter, Avrum Mordche Schwartz, in a new single – “Ki Loi Sazov“, which he wrote, composed and also arranged and produced musically himself. Song Composed & Lyrics by: Avrum Mordche Schwartz Produced & Arranged by: Recorded at Edgware Studios Engineered & Edited by: Gershy Schwartz Mix &[…]

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