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Zevi Kaufman - B'Yeshiva Sheli

Zevi Kaufman – B’Yeshiva Sheli [Official Audio]

B’Yeshiva Sheli is a contemporary anthem of hope in uncertain times.While things are not exactly as we would like them to be, (Rosh HaShana) B’Yeshiva Sheli celebrates our ability to begin our year by connecting with HaShem,in our own Yeshiva, in the place that we find ourselves most ״מיושב״ (settled).[…]

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Shlomo Katz - Lev Tahor

Lev Tahor – New Music Release Song 6 of 40!

Dearest Friends, Sometimes a niggun comes down all at once.  Sometimes it comes down in pieces- months or even years apart. The second part of this niggun came down at the Amster shabbos table in West Rodgers Park, Chicago, in November 2018. It wasn’t until a year and a half[…]

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