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Yonatan Stern “Mizmor L’Dovid” From Shlomo Calebach

In honor of R’ Shlomo Carlebach‘s yahrtzeit, vocal artist Yonatan Stern presents a special acapella version of the song ‘Mizmor L’Dovid‘ in Carlebach‘s melody, the song is painted with interesting harmonies and a new rhythm and gives further interpretation to the recorded melody. Credits: Lyrics: Psalms 26 Composer: Shlomo Carlebach[…]

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Shneor Orel - Im Eshkachech

Shneor Orel – Im Eshkachech

Shneor Orel, a young Chabad singer from Miami (Originally from Paris, France) releases a very touching and emotional version of the classic song Im Eshkachech! Composed by Yochanan Shapiro Arranged by David Attelan Lyrics: Psalm 137    

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תמונת יח''צ

Natan Zev – Corona

After the success of his first song, singer Natan Zev is releasing an additional single called Corona. He wrote and composed the song himself, , which was produced by Ayal Aharon.    

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