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Ari Gold - Refua

Ari Gold With An Exciting Single “Refuah”

Am Yisrael is going through a challenging time that is desperate for tremendous Rachamim from Shamayim for a Refuah Shelaimah. Therefore, singer Ari Gold is releasing a brand new song of chizzuk called “Refuah“. Gold composed the song which was arranged and produced by Benny Laufer.    

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Michoel Pruzansky - Melech

Michoel Pruzansky – Melech

Michoel teamed up with producer Tzvi Fishoff to bring you what is sure to become the song of the summer! Combining the production of today with the signature PRUZ style we all know and love. Produced by: Goldfish Records Composed and Arranged by: Tzvi Fishoff Directed by: I. Schnitz Mixed[…]

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Aryeh Kunstler - ULAL Remix

Aryeh Kunstler – Up Like A Lion (Inoculus Remix)

After the HUGE success of his first single in over 10 years titled #ULAL “Up Like A Lion” back in December, singer/songwriter,arranger and producer Aryeh Kunstler is back on the front line of Jewish music as an artist. Two months ago Aryeh released #ULAL Unplugged, showing fans that a song[…]

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Moshe Siegel - Psach Li feat. Yosef Kugler

Moshe Siegel – Psach Li (feat. Yosef Kugler)

Moshe Siegel releases a beautiful, uplifting song very relevant to these difficult times, titled “Psach Li”; a song asking Hashem for mercy, featuring Yosef Kugler. R’ Shimshon Pincus refers to Tefillah as a gate, and behind that gate there is so much good waiting for us, but we just have[…]

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