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Meir Brook - Oseh Shalom

Meir Brook – Oseh Shalom

Oseh Shalom is a new song from Meir Brook. He was inspired to write this song after hearing an interview with Israeli rockstar Aviv Gefen about the events during the craziness of Corona. The song was arranged and produced by Kobi Darzi and Meir together.  

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Waterbury Mesivta - Letter To G-d

Waterbury Mesivta – Letter To G-d

“Letter to G-d” has no description and the reason for that is because we believe that the song will mean something to different to each person who hears it. Whatever meaning you may find in this song. Produced and arranged by: Aryeh Kunstler Composed and written by: Gavriel Reichmann and[…]

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avi perets- ahavat hinam

Avi Perets With A New Single “Ahavat Chinam”

Praise and thanks to Hashem, the international singer Avi Perets from New York is releasing a new single titled “Ahavat Chinam.” Avi wrote the lyrics himself to the composition of the talented Motti Reuben and Lior Miara. The song was produced and arranged by Motti Reuben. Enjoy & Share  […]

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