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Eli Dachs - Ma Rabu

Eli Dachs – Ma Rabu

Singer Eli Dachs heard some chords from the next room. He opened the door and saw Dovid Levinger on his guitar. Eli felt those chords and instantly came up with a melody on the words “Ma Rabu Ma’asecha Hashem.” The next day, Eli heard a Shiur on the words “Tov[…]

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Naftali Blumenthal – Daily Trust

Sometimes we doubt ourselves, think we are incapable, and feel defined by our pasts. But if you woke up today, and your heart is still beating, Hashem is telling you that you have infinite potential to reach greatness. So believe in yourself, since your Creator believes in you. How do[…]

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Dovid Haziza - Matanot

Dovid Haziza – Matanot [Official Music Video]

Dovid Haziza is back! With his fourth release, Dovid is set to get all heads turning and ears listening-again. After his previous hit single, Zchuto, Haziza highlights his talents, bringing them to a middle eastern vibe in “Matanot”. Showcasing the peace and unity between all people, Dovid Haziza utilizes this[…]

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