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Rabbi Ruvi New – It’s You!

Like a kaleidoscope’s endlessly shifting shapes and colors that continually takes on new forms, the ripple waves of the ongoing pandemic continue to emerge, offering fresh perspectives on life as described in It’s You, an all new song by Chabad of East Boca Raton’s Rabbi Ruvi New. Seen through the[…]

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סנדי אופמן - בין קודש לחול - צילום מסך מתוך הקליפ

Sendy Oppman – Bein Kodesh L’Chol

The internal conflict that accompanies every Jew’s daily routine, and gets intensified during the Yomim Noraim, is now being expressed in a powerful and emotional clip by singer Sendy Oppman, in a Yiddish version rendition of the song Bein Kodesh L’Chol from Amir Dadon and Shuli Rand. The lyrics were[…]

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CME - Aza Rabbe

CME – Aza Rebbe

Composed by: CME Music arranged by: Lipa Brach Mixed by: Hershy Pavel Cover design by: Good point media Children’s Choir Shir V’shevach Boys Choir Kids & Adult Choir’s Arranged & Conducted By: Chaim Meir Fligman Child soloist: Shea Badansky Vocals Recorded At *Master Studios * Airmont NY Engineer: Chaim Meir[…]

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Kobi Perets & Chaim Israel - Elokim Kol Yachol

Kobi Perets & Chaim Israel – Elokim Kol Yachol

Relax before Rosh Hashanah and the Yomim Noroim with a new and exciting tefilla duet by Kobi Peretz and Chaim Israel. Lyrics: Etzion Musai Composer: Eran Kashi Musical arrangement and production: Eli Keshet Piano Keyboards and Programming: Eli Keshet Bass: Avi Yifrach Flute: Or Cohen Guitars: Noam (Chargol) Berg Percussion:[…]

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Shloime Cohen - Bakesh

Shloime Cohen – Bakesh

Just before Yom Hadin and at the end of a difficult Corona year, the singer Shloime Cohen beseeches Hakadosh Baruch Hu, along with hundreds of yeshiva students, some of whom fell ill in the Corona – in a special and moving song to tears “Bakesh.” Composer: Eli Laufer Musical arrangement[…]

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