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Rabbi Klatsko & Family - Al Tiroh Avdi Yaakov

Al Tiro Avdi Yaakov – The Klatzko Family – Composed by Benzion Klatzko

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko composed this song as part of his collection of compositions creating new tunes for Shabbos Zemiros. Composed by Rabi Benzion Klatzko Performed by The Klatzko Family Arranged by Yisroel Ament Produced by Benzion Klatzko A Production Spotify – Google Play – Amazon –[…]

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Moshe Zaretsky - Tefillah for Yerushalayim

Tefillah for Yerushalayim – Moshe Zaretsky

The organization Gesher Shel Zahav produced a song of the Tefillah for Yerushalayim, this year with words added to it by R’ Dovid Lau Shlita. This year’s composition of the Tefillah was done by Yaakov Ketzeleh Katz, who for almost forty years has been releasing original inspiring compositions of his[…]

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Yosef Daniel - Lost In You

Yosef Daniel Releases New Single “LOST IN YOU”

Yosef Daniel fires it up again! An exemplary piece of art created and produced by Jason Goldglancz of GoldRecordsLLC. Freddie Fabian of Eph-Jay Music enhances the beauty of it in the editing, mixing and mastering!  Lyrically, the track speaks from a personal stand point for Yosef Daniel.  Although based on a[…]

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Dovid Lowy – BaTACHTI (Audio)

A Hopeful Song: These are obviously challenging times for everyone but it’s important that we find ways to cope with the situation. For me, it was working on this song. I was sitting on my porch contemplating how the world was just turned upside down- everything had been shut down[…]

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Nachas - Champion YT

Nachas Releases Exciting New Single “Champion”

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls of all ages NACHAS is back!!! This exciting new single titled “Champion” is personal to Nachas. Having recently lost a lot of weight and after being put down by negative individuals, NACHAS is reminding us all that WE ARE CHAMPIONS. Don’t let the current[…]

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