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Benzion Klatzko - Kol Yisrael

Benzion Klatzko – Kol Yisrael – EDM

In the spirit of Purim, I have attempted my first EDM song. I hope you enjoy it! With a little laughter and simcha, we will rebuild the Bais Hamikdash! Composed and performed by Benzion Klatzko Music and Arrangements and Backing Vocals by Hillel Kapnick ( Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey,[…]

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Yitzy Bald & The New York Boys Choir (NYBC) Proudly Present “Pick Up The Phone”

We have a tradition for the holy Ba’al Shem Tov based on the Shulchan Aruch, OC 694:3 אין מדקדקין במעות פורים אלא כל מי שפושט ידו ליטול נותנים לו ובמקום שנהגו ליתן אף לעכו”ם נותנים We’re not particular regarding money of Purim, but rather, anyone who sticks out their hand[…]

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Shmuly Schneider - Zoche

Shmuly Schneider – Zoche

Get right into the Purim spirit with this irresistibly catchy wedding song! After releasing his debut single Hisyatzivu which he composed, followed by his heartfelt Chasoif– We Need Your Light this past Chanuka, popular wedding singer Shmuly Schneider is back – this time joining forces with the incredible duo Eli[…]

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