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The Mountain – Beri Weber

This song was dedicated Le’Ilui Nishmas Dovi Steinmetz Z”L who returned his holy Neshama in the Miron tragedy of 2021. For the Dovi Steinmetz Ani Maamin initiative Written & Composed by: Mrs. E. Rubinfeld Song Produced by: Side Yard Studios Vocal Recording by: Gershy Schwarcz @Edgware Studios Master: Aran[…]

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Yaakov Shwekey Releases The Piamenta Set – Yoely Dikman ft. Avi Piamenta Off The Upcoming Album Elevate

This project is dedicated in loving memory of לע״נ יוסף יצחק אייזיק בן ר׳ מנחם מנדל ע״ה Od Yishama – Yosi Piamenta Kol Hamesameach – Turkish Yaala Mashiach – Kurdish Yoseph Nigun – Achiya Asher Cohen Alloro Siman Tov – Kongas/Cerrone Asher Bara – Australian Vayiven Uziyahu – Yohanan Zarai[…]

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יוני זי אהבה 1920

Yoni Z With A All New Hit Album “AHAVA”

Yoni Z’s long anticipated second album ‘AHAVA’ has officially dropped and we’re pretty sure you will ‘love’ it. Yoni first released ‘Crown’ and ‘Boee’ as singles off the album stating “It was no accident that we released the more emotional melodies first so that we can enter a summer full[…]

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