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Yoni Z | Every Yids a Fire | TYHnation (Offical Music Video)

TYHnation Presents
Every Yid’s A Fire
Artist: YONI Z
Composed by: The Blumstein Brothers
Arranged by: Shloimy (Zaltz) Salzman

The neshamah of a Yid is compared to a flame. At birth you are entrusted with an internal spark, and your job throughout life is to ignite this spark until it illuminates like a full blown fire.

On a deeper level that light represents the small piece of Hashem that you have within you. So if you ever feel down remember “ Kodesh Heim” – “Every Yid is Hellig, because Every Yid is A Fire!


Producer/Director: Meir Kay
Cinematographer – Shimmy Socol
Editor: Jared K
Lighting / Art Director: Meir Kolko
Custome Designer: Bunia Turk
Line Producer: Shimmy Charlap
Production Assistant: Gionatan Niro
LD: Avinesh Rana
Stage hand: Seth Tom
Stage hand: Elijah

Shimmy Brod – Keyboard
Aryeh Haller – Drummer
Yaakov Miller – Guitar

Matt Phillips
Mendel Rosenblum
Meir Kolko
Shimmy Charlap
LA Rosenberg
Moshe, Binah,Moey,Rachel,Bracha, Moey Blumestein
Daniel Younger
Mikey Mause
Benny and Srully Wolfson
Chaim Tobaly
Akiva Deitchman
Yakov Josephy
Moti Zigelboum
Ari Matatov
Marina matatov
Atara, Michali, & Meira Klein
Meir Kay
The Tepper Mishapacha
Gionatan Niro
Molly, Ari, Dovid Moskowitz
Devora A Presser
Shira & Ahuva G.

Song credits:
Artist: Yoni Z
Composed by: The Blumstein Brothers
Arranged by: Shloimy (Zaltz) Salzman

Special Thanks:
Khal Mevakshei Hashem in Lawrence NY
Bubby Leah
Samson Stages