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The Launch Of The All New Remy Health Foundation With New Song “JUMP” Featuring Uri Davidi

February 20, 2021
It’s a well-known fact that music transcends and can reach anyone, no matter their
background, language or disability. It was no surprise when Jacob Sacks, 43, Executive
Director of the Remy Foundation, wanted to harness the power of music to let the world know
about his amazing organization.
Jacob is the father of four beautiful children from Reut, Israel. However when his son Remy
was about two years old he was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. For the past
seven years, Jacob has been trying to figure out ways to help his son. Sacks noticed that when
he played piano, his son would clap and when Remy was watching videos of his favorite star
Yaakov Shwekey, he would jump.
The Pittsburgh native, who made Aliyah about a decade ago, briefly studied music therapy in
college. It was during those years that he realized that the key to bringing happiness to
children is through music. Children want to laugh, play and be happy. They don’t have any
worries in life and are free spirits in a way. “Sadly, when there is a lack of communication it
can become difficult for the children to properly express themselves,” says Jacob.
Inspired by superstar singer Yaakov Shwekey and his wife who started the Special Children’s
Center in Lakewood, NJ, Jacob wanted to grow a platform to bridge the gap between
children who do and those who don’t have special needs. Thus, the Remy Foundation was
Now Jacob just needed a vehicle to spread the word of what they were trying to do. If they
were showing a connection through music, why not release a song and music video that is sure
to reach millions of people worldwide. At a Special Children’s Center event in Miami, FL
Jacob met musician Betzalel Bree. Jacob told Betzalel that he was working on launching a
new organization and wanted it to be attached to music. Bree introduced Sacks to the mega
talented composer and producer Yitzy Waldner and singing phenom Uri Davidi. The three
worked together on the style, title and message of the song. Once they knew they had a hit,
it was off to world renowned lyricist, Miriam Israeli, to touch up the lyrics and world class
arrangers/production team Daniel Kapler & Ian Freitor of Playmasters Studios, who are
behind literally every major hit today. Since Remy used to JUMP when his favorite singer or
video was on, that kind of became the anthem of the song. JUMP is a very bouncy, fun and
upbeat track. I doubt you could stand still while the song is playing on your loudspeaker.
The next step was to film a dynamic and colorful music video with scenes in both Israel and
the US. The team was assembled with videographers in both countries. Now, with the magic
of video technology, JUMP features Jacob himself singing in harmony with Uri Davidi, as well
as Jacob jumping with Remy on their outside trampoline.
Sacks says, “Children feel less alone by participating in music, and in my nonprofit work, I
want to collaborate with recording artists to create musical, visual and other educational
content that will assist children on the spectrum.”
With the release of JUMP the song and music video, Jacob hopes to create awareness and to
also raise money that will go into programming for health care services for children with
special needs around the world.
For more about the Remy Health Foundation please visit
JUMP is available for digital download on all platforms.
Music credits:
Song Concept – Jacob & Remy Sacks, Betzalel Bree, Yitzy Waldner
Composed by Jacob Sacks, Yitzy Waldner, Remy
Lyrics – Miriam Israeli
Musical Production – Daniel Kapler
Arrangement – Daniel Kapler & Ian Freitor
Mixed and Mastered by Playmasters Studio
Vocals by – Uri Davidi, Jacob Sacks & Yitzy Waldner
Vocals recorded by Studio 6
Video credits:
Directing and Editing – Bruce Melan
Local Production – Israel By Labframe
Local Production – USA By Playmasters Studio
Line Producer – Jack Mironov
Color Grading – Zartaiski Artsiom
DOP – Israel – Bruce Melan
DOP – USA – John Fitzpatrick
BTS Photography – Oleg Pearce