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R’ Shloime Taussig, Dudi Linker, Yedidim, Shir V’shevach, A Berko

Aneinu – composed by Dudi Kalish

Performed by R’ Shloime Taussig together with wonder child from Israel Dudi Linker and Moishe Glick with Yedidim choir and shir v’shevach kids choir with the amazing A Berko productions.


Music arranged by: Avrumi Berko productions

Keys: Avrumi Berko

Sax: Nathan Sampolinski

Trumpet: Mark Opaz

Trombone: Danny Flam

Guitar: Motty Feldman

Vocals: R’ Shloime Taussig & Dudi Linker

Adult Choir: The Yedidim Choir

Arranged by Yoel Hersh Fuchs

Duvid Fedder

Menasha Lichtenstien

Leiby Weider

Mendy Orenstien

Kids choir: Shir V’shevach

kids choir Arranged by Chaim Meir Fligman

Live sound and mix by ABerko

Filmed and edited by: Motty Engle

PR: Tomer Cohen Branding Media And Public Relations