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Isaac & Rubenstein – Blue Skies – Live Lounge Sessions

Performance by: Dan Isaac & Binyomin Rubenstein
Recorded at Redstone Studios Filmed at Luz Live Lounge

Blue Skies‘ is the new and long-awaited single release from Isaac & Rubenstein, the first of a cluster songs to be released over the upcoming months along with some live studio sessions.⁣

Blue Skies speaks of the yearning of Mashiach, the love we have for Hashem, and the hopes and desires we dream of, despite our long and arduous galus. It is a powerful, moving and cleverly crafted guitar track highlighting I&R’s harmonies and melodic prowess.⁣

“You know what I want to see; the Temple Mount and the Dynasty. It’s been so long won’t you come for me. Just stretch your arm and rescue me” (Blue Skies)

Vocals, Instrumentation & Production: Dan Isaac & Binyomin Rubenstein
Original Melody: Binyomin Rubenstein
Recorded and Mixed at Redstone Studios
Graphics: Dan Isaac
Special thanks to Yehuda Zeytim, Gary May and Tzvi Solomons