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I Believe (Ani Maamin) – Yaakov Chesed x Shlomo Ashvil [Official Music Video]

We are so excited and blessed to be able to share this song with you all!
This song began in 2016 and over time has become more and more real to us. The belief in the coming of Moshiach and the Messianic redemption is one of the fundamental principles of Jewish faith. It is a belief that has kept us going as a nation and as individuals for thousands of years. Whether times are good or seemingly bad this is a belief we must have in the forefront of out minds at every moment of our lives.
This song’s message from two perspectives; one of a nation and one of an individual. Both come together in beauty and harmony. We hope that this song can give you strength the way it has given us. WE WANT MOSHIACH NOW!

Please enjoy, give a like, and share this message with anyone who needs it!

With so much love,
Jake and Shlomo

In the merit of all who were and are mesiras nefesh in the name of Hashem. May we all continue bringing light to the world and increase in strength and number.


Written by: Shlomo Ashvil and Yaakov Chesed (Jake) Polansky
Produced by: Yaakov Chesed (Jake) Polansky
Guitars: Yaakov Chesed (Jake) Polansky
Drums: Yaakov Chesed (Jake) Polansky
Bass: Yaakov Chesed (Jake) Polansky
Keys: Yaakov Chesed (Jake) Polansky
Vocals: Shlomo Ashvil and Yaakov Chesed (Jake) Polansky
Mix and Master: Warren David
Hashem: Our Father, King and inspiration

Directed by: Erez Cohen
Cinematography & Editing by Josh Septimus @ Red Stallyn Creative
SPECIAL THANKS to Talia Ashvil for playing piano in the video – You are amazing!