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GREEN NEW DANCE! – Yoely Greenfeld, Yoely Fischer – A YoelChestra Production

On April 7 2019, new star keyboard musician Yoely Fischer of the YoelChestra Productions teamed up with acclaimed singer and performer Yoely Greenfeld to perform at a beautiful wedding which was filled with dance, joy, fun, and of course music!

Yoely Fischer though being the freshest face to the live performance business, yet he gained reputation of delivering every occasion to perfection, his music is nowadays considered as one of the top in the market, being the first choice for the Chosson and Kallah to perform on their special day.

Teaming up with Yoely Greenfeld, one of the most respected singers out there, was an amazing experience. Yoely is known for his fine feel for a Melody, adding an exotic touch to it through his sweet yet powerful voice. In this video you will find all what you’re expecting from him!

Sit tight. Watch. Enjoy. And Share!


Venue: The Legacy

Sung by: Yoely Greenfeld

Music arranged and Performed by: Yoely Fischer – YoelChestra

Guitar: Arye Kunstler

Woodwinds: Shmaya Karpen, Justin Flinn

Brass: Ben Holmes, Nolen Tsang, Dave Lovit

Live sound by: Yoely Farkas

Video: Motty Engel – Engel Studios

Mix: Avrumy Berko – A Berko Productions