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Eliyahu Chait – Lecha Dodi [Music Video]

Eliyahu Chait, Son of the famous legendary composer R’ Baruch Chait is bringing a new sound to Jewish music!

Enjoy a beautiful Erev Shabbos shop at the Mahane Yehuda shuk in Jerusalem. As the song gets you prepared for a special Kabalas Shabbos experience!

Arranged, produced, mixed, mastered by: Aryeh Kunstler @RoarRecording

Lead vocals: Eliyahu Chait

Classical guitar: Eliyahu Chait

Guitars, Keys, and Bass: Aryeh Kunstler

Drums: Barak Ahron

Violin: Earl Maneein

Background Vox: Aryeh Kunstler

Video by: Joshua Fleisher

Edited by: Polina Remez



Actors : Eliyahu Chait , Joshua Fleisher, Shlomo, Bentzi, Yisroel , and the Chabura boys 🙂