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Dance to It! Elchonon Gartenhaus Productions ft Yitz Henkin

The sound of the future – the songs of the past!

Introducing Elchonon Gartenhaus, a fresh young musical talent from Lakewood NJ bursting through the Simcha scene. Dance & sing along to his debut wedding clip featuring the powerful vocals of Yitz Henkin performing a medley of some awesome songs!

Produced & Arranged by: Elchonon Gartenhaus
Live Mix: Betzalel Bree
Post Production: Ruli Ezrachi
Video by: Motty Engel
Marketing: I & Me Media

Omar Rabbi Akiva – Yaakov Shwekey
L’Tova – Benny Friedman
Mi K’amcha Yisroel – Joey Newcomb Ft. Benny Friedman
Binyan Adi Ad – Lipa Schmeltzer
Avraham Yogel – Avraham Fried