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Birchas Ha’Orech – The A Team Ft. Child Soloists Shulem Saal, Moishe Glick & Lev Choir

The A Team is proud to present ‘Birchas Ha’Orech’ featuring Shir Vshevach child soloists Shulem Saal and Moishe Glick accompanied by Lev Choir. This song, originally recorded by Ohad was performed live by a 30 piece A-Team Orchestra at the wedding of a child of one of our very dear clients. This Bracha is taken from the blessing a guest gives to its host at Birchas Hamazon.


Produced & Music by: Yitzy Schwartz & The A Team Orchestra

Arranged by: Avremi G

Choir Arranged by: Aba Berkowitz

Shir V’shevach Child Soloist Conducted by: Chaim Meir Fligman

Mixed by: Yaniv Balas

Israel Concierge: R’ Steve Jobs

Post Production: Platinum Productions

Additional Guitars by: Motti Feldman

Marketing: Moe Wassertheil – DatzMoe

Production Manager: Motty Jay

Video by: Motty Engel – Engel Studios