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A Children’s Choir In The First Single/Video From The Fourth Album In The Album Series: “Shiru L’Hashem”!

Producer Israel Bergman presents the first single video-clip from the album series Shabbat Hamalka, to melodies by composer Meir Martin Widerker of Germany, performed by children’s choir Shir Hallel, conducted by  Rabbi Meir Paneth. This new rhythmical melody bears the name Shiru L’Hashem.

Shiru L’Hashem, like all the other melodies by Widerker was innovatively arranged by internationally renowned pianist Menachem Bristowski, and combined with the choir’s and it’s soloists’ beautiful singing, these special words which we recite during the welcoming of Shabbat obtain a familiar and well-liked tinge, which has a nostalgic taste which evokes to the heyday of the “Pirchei” choirs.

Shiru L’Hashem” is introduced with a music video, freshly created by “Hyper productions,” through which one can sense the musical atmosphere, the childhood experiences and the joy of life of “Shir Hallel“, alongside professional singing.

Currently, work is in progress on the soon to be released new album “Shabbat Hamalka 4“, into which the best chassidic singers, as well as modern and unique arrangements will be incorporated.

Meanwhile, Sing to the Lord, Shabbat Shalom!


Composer: Meir Martin Widerker

Children’s choir: “Shir Hallel” conducted by rabbi Meir Paneth

Musical arrangement: Menachem Bristowski

Musical production: Israel Bergmann

Video Production: “Hyper productions”