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Yoeli Klein, Suchi Goldstein & Malchus - Danken

Yoeli Klein, Suchi Goldstein & Malchus – Danken

His name precedes him in recording studios, but for the first time he is attaching his name to a fast-paced and upbeat song. After more than a few of his own compositions, composer and artist Elazar Estherson is singing one of his own compositions, together with Suchi Goldstein and Yoeli[…]

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Dovid Berg - Aneinu

Dovid Berg Releases His Debut Single “Aneinu”

Having grown up on Avraham Fried, listening intensely to every sound and note that came out from his mouth, following every concert, and viewing him as his musical role model, here is Dovid Berg, releasing his first single Aneinu. “In Chassidic music it is unusual for a young singer to[…]

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Shlomo Broner - Anenu

Shlomo Broner – Anenu

These days, Shlomo Broner is releasing a new single called “Anenu” Shlomo Broner, the son of one of the most famous families in chasidic music, is a musician, singer, creator and producer. He is behind one of the leading orchestras in the world of weddings and events. “Anenu” – a[…]

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