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Akiva Margaliot - V’Essa

Akiva Margaliot & Yoely Dickman “V’Essa”

Singer and artist Akiva Margaliot is breaking a 10-year musical silence and is releasing the single V’Essa, the first single from the album Margaliot and Friends. Margaliot first came on to the Jewish music scene about 30 years ago. Since then he released 3 albums with a flavor of the[…]

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Chaim Chadad - Lehargish Et Ha'Manginah

Chaim Chadad “Lehargish Et Ha’Manginah” New Song

Summer is practically here already and singer Chaim Chadad is releasing his third single called Lehargish Et Ha’Manginah. Chadad is also working on a Chuppah-song album. Lyrics: Michael Krispin Composition: Assaf Mashiach Guitars: Omri Zelig Mix and Master: Amos Cohen Arrangement and Production: Yaniv Karmeli    

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Chaim Green - Lecheiris

Chaim Green Releases New Song “Lecheiris”

Presenting the new single from Chaim Green, dedicated to the Lecheiris organization. For Audio Download: Composed: Shragie Lichter Arranged: Avrumi Berko Mixed: Ron Tichon Choir Members: Yackov Rotblatd, Motty Rottler, Avi Zano, Aharon Halevy Choir Recorded At : Nigun Studio’s Bnie Berak , Engineered By : Avi Zano Brass:[…]

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Mendy J - Hamelech Hakadosh Youtube

Mendy J Releases New Single “Hamelech”

Yossi Newman produces an incredible new EDM track, titled “Hamelech” featuring Mendy J Composed and Produced by Yossi Newman Mastered by Ruli Ezrachi Cover Design by Yossi Zweig Lyrics Translation: You are holy, your name is holy. Holy beings praise you everyday. The King, the holy one. Copyright 2017 Yossi[…]

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