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Freilach Band Featuring Beri Weber & Yedidim Choir [LIVE AUDIO DOWNLOAD TRACK]

Freilach Band Featuring Beri Weber & Yedidim Choir   Now available on all streaming platforms and for free as a digital download! Seven of the latest hits from all-around the Jewish Music scene, uniquely rearranged by the core Freilach members and infused with the energy of[…]

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Zusha Releases New Single “Modeh”

Hasidic/Soul/Folk band ZUSHA is back with an all new single off their upcoming third album. The new song is titled “Modeh Ani” and features Shlomo Gasin as the main vocalist in the flavor that made the group so popular. Recorded produced and mixed by Jon Seale of Mason Jar Music[…]

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Chaim Shlomo Mayesz - Vodka

Vodka I Chaim Shlomo Mayesz I Purim 5777

Chaim Shlomo Mayesz is doing what he does best, and that is getting you out of your chair with his music. In honor of Purim he is releasing a song called Vodka, an updated version of the Chabad Niggun called Nyeh Zhuritzi Kloptzi, arranged by Moishy Klein from New York.[…]

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Yoely Klein & Avremi Moshkovitz - Rateva

Yoely Klein & Avremi Moshkovitz – Rateva

“Rateva!” Shouted the boys. A sharp cry of heartbreak and longing Father in Heaven. A cry full of emotion eager to get closer to the Creator. A cry of unity and strengthening. The above description took place at a meeting of ‘Ko Eichsoif‘, headed by Rabbi Aron Gombo, daily lesson[…]

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