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הנחמנים - הפרונט

The Nachmanim “Osef Ha’Lehitim B’Ketzev”

This year, like in previous years, the Nachmanim group are releasing their annual album called “Osef Ha’Lehitim B’Ketzev“. The album has 15 tracks of new and original songs along with covers of well-known hit songs, specifically for the religious audience. DJ’s Alon and Daniel produced the project. Before Rosh Hashana[…]

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Shloime Kaufman - Hamelech Hamishpat Acapella Single Cover Final

Shloime Kaufman Releases “Hamelech Hamishpat” [MBD Cover]

Shloime Kaufman is back with another ACAPELLA single: “Hamelech Hamishpat“,  to help everyone prepare for the upcoming Yomim Noroim. After his successful Acapella release of Mordy Shapiro‘s hit song “LI” during this past sefira, it was apparent that many people needed a “musical conduit” to stir their spiritual emotions. However, as we all prepare[…]

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