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Ishay Sheler - Vehinei Hashem Acapella

Ishay Sheler – Vehinei Hashem [ Vocal Version ]

Vehinei Hashem, from singer and composer Ishay Sheler is now released as an a capella single, following on the heels of the success of the a capella version of the song Hineni B’Yadcha which he also released. Sheler also included the young brothers Netanel and Yehonatan Maneth to sing and[…]

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Yiddish Nachas – ADERABA [Vocal Version]

Last year, Yossi Green and Yiddish Nachas released not one, but two beautiful and refreshing vocal rendition of the popular hit songs ‘Mayim Rabim‘ off Yiddish Nachas 2 and ‘Ata Kodoish‘ off the first Yiddish Nachas album. This morning they just released the third vocal edition of a Yossi Green[…]

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Nichsefa I A cappella I Netanel Ganz

A number of weeks after releasing his debut single, Nichsefa, Netanel Gantz is releasing another version, this time in A Capella, for Sefirah. Singer Shuli Rand wrote and composed the song for Gantz, which has already had a large amount of success. Gantz is currently working on his debut album[…]

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Shloime Taussig - Ein Gedila Acapella

Reb Shloime Taussig “Ein Gedula Acapella”

About a month ago the song Ein Gedula from R’ Shloime Taussig was released, and it has already turned into a major hit that is played nightly at weddings and events. R’ Meshulem Greenberger composed the song, and it is now released as an A Capella version for Sefirah. Moishy[…]

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עת לנחמה

“Eit Lanechama” Yochai Ben Avi [Music]

Singer and composer Yochai Ben Avi is releasing a special song in honor of Yom HaZikaron, called Eit Lanechama, in which he tries to give comfort and hope to those who lost their loved ones. The song is a part of an album called Bo V’Neitzei, his second album, which[…]

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