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Pinny Einhorn - U'mishtoikek

Pinny Einhorn – U’mishtoikek

There will be There will be a new hit sung by thousands of Chassidim in the coming days. R’ Pinny Einhorn says about this song, “Now we’ve done something new, something special, totally different. We’re not talking about a composition set to a Passuk or a saying of Chazal. Now,[…]

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Odeh Hashem – Debut Single by Chaim Blumenfeld

Enjoy the all new, debut single “Odeh Hashem” composed and sung by famous wedding singer and composer, Chaim Blumenfeld! The single is produced & arranged by Avrumy Berko, with music by Avrumy himself, Dani Flamm, Yoni Kesar, Avrohom Balti and more. Make sure to stay up-to-date by following Chaim on[…]

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Shir V'shevach Boys Choir - Ani Maamin

Ani Maamin – Shir V’shevach Boys Choir

Just over two years ago, a 12 year old composer from Toronto presented us with the beautiful song Esa Einai, sung by Benny Friedman and recorded on his Kol Haneshama Sheli album in a duet with Shlomo Simcha. Now, this same young musical talent treats us to another incredible composition,[…]

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Simche Friedman - Chosson Kallah

Simche Friedman – Chosson Kallah

After the hit song B’Karov and the “Israeli” style song Avur Misheu Acher, Chassidic singer Simche Friedman returns with an authentic Chassidish song, which was specially written for the dance floor at weddings. The song is called Chosson/Kallah. It is the third single that is being released from Simche Friedman‘s[…]

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Chaim Devash & Chaim Bar - Ahavat Chinom

Chaim Devash & Chaim Bar – Ahavat Chinom

Lately, Chaim Devash has been hard at work finishing up his album that is due out soon, which is called Rig’Ei Kessem. It will have 16 tracks from some of the best Jewish music hits from the 60′s and the 70′s. Now he is releasing his fifth and final single[…]

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עטיפת סינגל מקהלת נגינה & שמילי שטיינמעץ - נודה

Negina Choir & Shmili Steinmetz – Nodeh

The single which is on everyone’s favorite playlist, is an uplifting and freiliche song, which in today’s age is seldom found. A song full of simche and gratitude to hashem. The song was composed by the highly talented, energetic group – “ACHIM SCHWARTZ”, who through their vigorous enthusiasm in the[…]

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Mendy Jerufi & Eyal Twito - Ki Lekach Toiv

Mendy Jerufi & Eyal Twito – Ki Lekach Toiv

On Shavous everyone wishes each other a Chag Sameach. However, the Lubavitcher Rebbe would add a special greeting, he would say “Kabbalas HaTorah B’Simcha U’B’Pnimiyus.” This single was composed by Mendy Jerufi, features a duet between Mendy and Eyal Twito and arranged by Shua Fried.    

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