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YT Thumbnail• Ve'Harev Nu • Duvid Kaufman feat. Isaac Honig @MusicOnTime

Isaac Honig & Yiddish Nachas Choir With A New Song: “Ve’Harev Nu” By StudioOnTime

MusicOnTime is proud to announce and introduce to you StudioOnTime, where we take pride in creating your singles, albums, and personal projects in a professional manner. Our services include song selection, music arrangements, mixing and editing, recordings, and much more!

As a way of introduction, here is our very first project that our amazingly talented team brought to life: “Ve’Harev Nu” by Duvid Kaufman and featuring Isaac Honig, alongside MK and Yiddish Nachas choirs, with heartwarming music arranged by the one and only Moshe Laufer!

We look forward to sharing more information and behind-the-scenes details of our upcoming projects and updates. Make sure to follow along to see all updates!

For all your studio service needs, please reach out to [email protected]