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Gershy Israeli Releases A New Song “Torah” In Honor of Shavous

Rising star Gershy Israeli, son of the widely known lyricist and composer Miriam Israeli, is back with an all new single special for Shavous, to keep you company while you are learning all night. Gershy has been singing at simchas, events,  and concerts around the world for the last few years. Gershy is continuing his mother’s legacy by releasing good, wholesome Jewish music to the world.  The song “Torah” was composed by famed one man band plus Yeedle Kahan, one of the most requested musicians in the simcha market. Now, not only is he showing his skills as a musician and band leader, but also as a budding composer. Yeedle approached Gershy with the song saying that he thinks Gershy’s singing/vocal ability is the best way to introduce this hit song to the world.  Through this new song, the duo wanted to convey the simcha and happiness that Yiddin are lucky to Shavous, to renew our vows and bonds to Hashem and the Torah as a whole, and re-commit ourselves to learning each and every day. It’s no doubt that this dance song will light up the yeshivas with the fire of Torah this Shavous.


Composed & Produced by:  Yeedle Kahan

Vocals Recorded by: Shmuli Rosenberg @ fwd|NYC

Mix by: Gershy Schwartz