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עטיפת סינגל-תהיה שמח-נתנאל ישראל וחיים ישראל

Netanel Israel & Chaim Israel – Tihiye Sameach

Artist and composer Netanel Israel hosts the giant Jewish singer Chaim Israel for a joint duet “Tihiye Sameach.”
The song “Tihiye Sameach” as its name is!
In the lyrics of the song you will find a toolbox that will allow you to deal with the difficulties, fears and get you out of all the confusions.

“On Friday, in the middle of the preparations for Holy Shabbat, I received the inspiration for the words and the melody,” says Netanel.
It strengthened me a lot and I made sure to immediately record the lyrics.
After observing, I was amazed to discover that all that came down were actually the most powerful quotations written by the Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Nachman in the Moharan verses.”

“I chose to host in a song the greatest and most worthy singers of all time, Chaim Israel. With his great talent and his caressing vocals will touch the veins of the soul of many in the audience and bring joy to your heart”
May everyone listen carefully!