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אנא בחסדך - גרפיקה

Raphael Uzan In His Debut Single ‘Ana Bechasdecha’

Singer Raphael Uzan releases his debut single called ‘Ana Bechasdecha‘, composed for him by Elchanan Elchadad and produced by Shmuel Cohen. The moving song that comes out during such a charged period, cries out the words that are literally required “אנא בחסדך תרוממני. די, נפשי סבלה חרפת שכני.

Raphael Uzan immigrated to Israel several years ago from France and in recent years he has been moving on the axis between Israel and Europe, where he often appears at various events. In the final season of the show ‘Hakol Haba‘ he reached number one and won the coveted title. ‘Ana Bechasdecha‘ is, as mentioned, his debut single.

“When Elchanan Elchadad sent me the song, apart from the moving melody, the thing that caught me the most were the lyrics,” says Raphael Uzan. “So precise, so poignant. To our great sorrow lately these words take on additional meaning and we are all praying that God in His grace will indeed lift us up and soon redeem us in our day.”

Lyrics: The late poet Asher Mizrahi
Composer: Elchanan Elchadad
Musical production: Shmuel Cohen
Lyrics clip production: Leah Mendelssohn