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DJ Yossi Newman feat. Nachas – AOK

DJ Yossi Newman is back with a Summer anthem for today’s youth featuring NACHAS titled “AOK.”

“Today’s generation has it much harder than any other,” says Newman. “Between cellphone, technology and many other challenges that the world has, today’s generation is constantly being tested, and they are coming out on top.” Be proud of who you are and how much you’ve accomplished. Celebrate life and your commitment and keep it up! Be happy and dance ’cause you are “AOK.”

Featuring: NACHAS
Composed by: Yossi Newman
Music By: Jack Shore
Vocals recorded at: The Side Yard Studios
Vocals Mixed: Yitzy Berry
Addition vocals by: Hillel Kapnick

Lyrics by:
Ezra Sopher
Nissi Merenstein
Hillel Kapnick