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יוני זי אהבה 1920

Yoni Z With A All New Hit Album “AHAVA”

Yoni Z’s long anticipated second album ‘AHAVA’ has officially dropped and we’re pretty sure you will ‘love’ it.

Yoni first released ‘Crown’ and ‘Boee’ as singles off the album stating “It was no accident that we released the more emotional melodies first so that we can enter a summer full of joyous music”.

The album consists of 12 songs, most of which were written and composed by Yoni and musically arranged by Shloimy Zaltzman. Extremely diverse in musical influences and genre’s from across the globe, including India, Africa, Orchestral Music, Pop, and even some Country, AHAVA is sure to captivate the imagination in the most magical way.

“We titled the album ‘AHAVA’ in response to the worlds’ experiences in the last two years. “I felt that if one word can encapsulate what positive message we can take away from this era, it is to love and accept each other more, and I hope people feel that in the music” concluded Yoni.

AHAVA is now available everywhere music is sold.

Enjoy the song MESIBA off the new album AHAVA