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Benny Friedman - It Sounds Like Purim

Benny Friedman Releases A New PURIM Album “It Sounds Like Purim!”

Benny Friedman, one of the most successful singers in the Jewish world, pampers his fans ahead of the upcoming Purim with a dance album full of Purim songs which you can sing all Purim long.
The album contains 58 songs that cover everything that is sung and danced on Purim: old, new and very new songs – the result of the adaptation and production of his co-producer and arranger, Doni Gross. The two chose the familiar songs and combined them into three sets: the “Purim” Medley, the “Mishteh” Medley, and the “V’simcha” Medley.
The album also included two new songs – “Kol Haomer” (track 10) composed by Doni Gross and “Kacha” (track 34) to the tune of R. Eli Friedman. Accompanied by a choir that adds to and enhances the atmosphere of the days of Purim, and the result is a long sequence of happy and dancing Purim music.
The new Purim party album is offered for sale as a CD, USB and of course for digital purchase online.