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Assaf Harush - Gibor

Assaf Harush – Gibor

If you listen to mainstream music, attach to that the importance to texts that helps connect to one’s spirit, then most likely Assaf has long since been established in your playlist.

Step by step for me the indie, he crossed the million mark with “Basof Yihiyeh Tov“, was crowned For “Taglit Hashana/Discovery of the Year” on “Kan Moreshet” and gathered tens of thousands of listeners across the various platforms and sects.

In the midst of the full release of shows, Assaf presents us with “Gibor” a sweeping and moving song from his upcoming debut album. Assaf says “The worldview is that a hero is a person with supernatural abilities who saves the world. Flying in the sky, lifting buildings… To me, a hero is a person who is right with us on the same ground and picks people up. A person who knows how to defeat all the transitions of life and delegate the power to defeat ourselves. And I’m thirsty for it”

Lyrics and melody: Assaf Harush
Musical arrangement and production: Assaf Kurtz and Assaf Harush
Photo: Tal Abodi