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Aryeh Spilman Releases A New Single In Honor of His Sons Bar Mitzvah “Leeman”

Aryeh Spilman has been a Baal Tefilla and Chazzan for many years. His sweet voice has enhanced davening in many shuls with a choir on Yomim Noroim. He has a love for all kinds of music and singing styles of many styles. Not only that but he also coaches other baaleh Tefillah and singers in both nussach and voice. As mentioned by his previous songs Yesimcha and Mi Adir when Aryeh wants to express Hoda’ah to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, he likes to use the medium of song.

Just recently, Aryeh’s son turned Bar Mitzvah. In honor of the occasion and simcha, Spilman of course wanted to release a song showing his appreciation to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. As always he approached composer and producer Yitzy Waldner. Aryeh gave Yitzy lyrics from the piot we say after putting on Tefillin Leeman Tihiyeh Toras Hashem Beficho, that the word of Hashem should always be fluent in your mouth. He was inspired by those words and Yitzy as always delivered the song a big way.


To contact Aryeh please email: [email protected]


Composed & Produced by: Yitzy Waldner

Musical Arrangement, mixed and mastered by:  Avrumi Berko

Cover art: Yossi Zweig


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