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A Thru Z With Yossi Zweig: YAAKOV SHWEKEY

Ever wonder about the insights/events that inspired your favorite performers and personalities to choose the paths they did? The things they experienced that either gave their future a focus or their present a purpose?. So did we, which is why we created A thru Z with Yossi ZweigA is for the Answers and Z is for Zweig the guy who’ll get them from your favorite artists and personalities–the people you know of but want to know more about.

For our debut episode, we were lucky enough to get the one and only Yaakov Shwekey. Prepare for a trip down memory lane as Yaakov shares with us his most memorable moments and takes us behind the scenes to the music and magic that’s defined him–and entertained us– for almost a quarter of a century. What was his “Plan B” if his music didn’t make it? Is he a fan of chazzonus? What goes through his mind in those fleeting moments before he goes on stage? Find out all that–plus a whole lot more courtesy of A Thru Z.

Credits: Filmed and Edited By: Psachya Skaist Films

Shot On Location At: The Special Children’s Center/Lakewood, NJ

Questions/Post Productional Direction: Sam Ash – [email protected]

A thru Z Logo by: Yoily Polatseck

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