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8th Day - Lucky

8th Day Storm The Jewish Music World With Their 9th Album “LUCKY”

There is nothing “lucky” about 8th Day. Since brothers Shmuel and Bentsi Marcus first appeared with their debut album titled The 8th Day back is 2005, this writing, arranging, performing and producing duo have proved time and time again, that they have load of talent. Its not just their sound, which does get updated every few years as time does allow. There is something about their unique songs and messages which hits a chord with fans young and old, mainstream and yes even yeshivishe and chassidish.

They are one of the only groups out there for over 15 years that no only uses both Hebrew and English lyrics, but you will always find some yiddish from the alta heim. Whether its Tracht Gut, Tatenyu, Ker A Velt, Babenyu or their latest Una Meser, 8th Day always has something new and unique to bring to the table.

LUCKY is a must buy, so run to your nearest Jewish Music store or stream/purchase it online. Visit