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Lipa Schmeltzer – Gemura In Song (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Song composed, written & produced by Lipa Schmeltzer-live in Iraq.
Co-produced by Gershy Schwarcz – New York @EdgwareStudios
Additional music production: David Taub – Israel
Inspirational input by Shloime Zionce/Ami Magazine
Music arranged and recorded in Kurdistan Iraq. Ragreen record Label

Video Produced by: Motty Berkowitz
Lighting: Berry Cohen
Colorist: Rafi Barides
Acting Violinists: Boris Corchesco & Max Levin
Youtube cover Graphics: Yechiel Landman

Oud: Lezan Gader
violin: Nwenar Hogr
Qanwn: Zana Anwar
Balaban: Ridwan Xalil
Saz: Rawa badran
Percussion: Rewan Rashad
Keyboard: Meir Israel

Fun fact, main Percussion instrument is named Daf-just like a Daf Gemura.

Choir: David Taub, Gil Israelov
Recorded: Tenor Studios – Israel
The Studyo – NY
Edgware Studios – NY
Shloime Wechter – Volume Studios – NY

Mixed and mastered: Aran Lavi-Israel
YouTube Cover Graphics by Yechiel Landman