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YT Thumbnail • Al Das Hamukom • Michoel Schnitzler & Yossi Lebowitz @MusicOnTime

Michoel Schnitzler & Yossi Lebowitz Sing: “Al Das Hamukom”

Without a doubt, one of the most famous Michoel Schnitzler songs is Al Das Hamukom.
Every year it gets a bit of refreshing in the months leading into Yom Kippur.
This year join the elevation, and feel the spirit, with this short video featuring Michoel Schnitzler and Yossi Lebowitz.

Sung By: Yossi Lebowitz & Michoel Schnitzler
Originally Released By: Michoel Schnitzler
Original Song Composed By: Pinky Weber
Music By: Lipa Brach
Video By: Ari Levy
Directed By: Eli Weber
Digital Marketing By: Motty Klein • @MusicOnTime