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Square Cover • Dance Medley • Chaim Yosef Banet & Hershy Rosenbaum @MusicOnTime

A Touching Medley By Chaim Yossi Benet & Hershy Rosenbaum

After immigrating from Israel to London, Chaim Yossi and Hershy met with famed photographer Shmueli at an event in London where the idea of this video was born.
Refueinu” a song recently released by Hershy and performed with a new twist at the event was an instant hit and had all the boys repeatedly singing the song with great emotion.

All that is left is for you to do, is listen and enjoy!!

Vocals: Hershey Rosebaum
Music: Chaim Yossi Benet
Music Editing: Volume studio
Mix: Yaniv Balas
Mastered: Yaniv Balas
Sound: NTV
Video & Production: Shmueli Ben Shimon
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime