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The Debut Album From Moshe Klein “Nitzotz Yehudi” [Album Preview]

It has been five years since Moshe Klein took the Jewish Music industry by storm, performing at weddings nightly and gracing stages all over Israel.

Moshe Klein has become a household name with his exceptional vocal abilities. His no-limit range backed up with vocal power is felt throughout the room, making him a powerhouse with top-quality vocals and energy on any stage.

With his debut album, Moshe delivers a range of music genres, bringing us from authentic ballads to full-on pop electro. Moshe intended to connect with his diverse audience and show his musical preferences.

On this album, he put together an all-star lineup of producers and songwriters: Elchanan Elchadad, Eyal & Yair Shriki, Eli Klien & Yitzy Berry, Benny Laufer, Yochanan Uri, Naftali Schnitzler, Shmulik Berger, and more.