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Shloime Katzanelbogen - Modim

Shloime Katzanelbogen In A New Single “Modim”

On the way to the debut album, singer and creator Shloime Katzanelbogen releases a new single and music video “Modim” which he composed himself with the musical arrangement and production of Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry.

Katzanelbogen, a young and fresh singer and composer who brings with him a fine fragrance to events and shows and manages to excite and excite the audience. Without a doubt, the next thing in the industry.

Shloime: “The song was inspired by my teacher and Rabbi Shimon Galai Shlita, who often talks about the confession to the Creator of the world about all the goodness that is pouring out on us.”

The song is accompanied by a happy and cheerful video clip shot at a “distillery” in the Old City of Safed, and as hated: “There is no singing but about the wine…”