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Shimale - Nachamu

In Honor Of Shabbos Nachamu: Singer Shimale & His Guitar In An Exciting New Song

Singer and creator Shimi Malka, known as the commissary artist “Shimale and the Guitar“, surprises with a new song that is invested and exciting on the occasion of Shabbos “Nachamu“.

The song, which was composed about a decade ago, expresses the longing for the building of Jerusalem in the deep and touching melody of Shimale and in the moving and authentic arrangement of the well-known producer Reuven Hayun.

Shimale is behind the “Parsha and Shira” project, in which thousands of his listeners enjoy receiving a new song from his composers every week, in the spirit of this week’s Parsha – an initiative that sweeps many and is already celebrating a year.

And this time in honor of Shabbat “Nachamu” he presents the words of the consolation of the Prophet, “Nachamu Nachamu Ami Yomar Elokeichem” in an inspiring arrangement and production.