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Shmily Steinberg - Hashivu

Shmily Steinberg Releases His Debut Single: “Hashivu”

This was always my passion, bringing quality music out there to the scene people should enjoy’em and be able to express their feelings and gratitude to Hashem Yisborach the worlds creator, thru soul and song.

Here i am with my official debut single called “Hashivu

Sung by: Shmily Steinberg
Music by: Yitzy Berko
Adult Choir by: Chaim Mier Fligman
Kids Choir by: Shir Vshevach
Recorded at: Master Studios
Vocals Recorded by: Motty Gantz – MG Studios
Mix and Mastered by: Yitzy Berry
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime