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Aryeh Karlinsky - Baruch Hashem Ani Noshem

Aryeh Karlinsky – Baruch Hashem Ani Noshem

Baruch Hashem Ani Noshem” – a sentence that became very common during the recent tragic time period, a period which the Jewish people have been thanking Hashem for every breath.

Singer and artist Aryeh Karlinsky in a new and energetic pop single, “Baruch Hashem Ani Noshem” composed by Aryeh himself with the musical arrangement and production done by Eitan Elbaz.

Singer and Composer: Aryeh Karlinsky
Musical arrangement and production: Eitan Elbaz
Guitars: Adam Tal
Mix: Omega Music
Mastering: Yaniv Blas
Yedidim Choir International: Yaakov Rotblat, Sinai Barmetz, Motti Rottler