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Yitzy Bald & The New York Boys Choir (NYBC) Proudly Present “Pick Up The Phone”

We have a tradition for the holy Ba’al Shem Tov based on the
Shulchan Aruch, OC 694:3

אין מדקדקין במעות פורים אלא כל מי שפושט ידו ליטול נותנים לו ובמקום שנהגו ליתן אף לעכו”ם נותנים

We’re not particular regarding money of Purim, but rather, anyone who sticks out their hand to take, we give him.
The Baal Shem Tov derived this from the principle that on Purim “all who extend their hand receive.” The original meaning of this in Jewish law is that, while we normally evaluate charitable requests carefully and weigh their merits, on Purim we simply give to anyone who asks. The Baal Shem Tov suggested this line refers to prayer too. Anyone who asks Hashem for something on Purim is answered. So let us ask Hashem to “Pick Up The Phone” and answer us with a resounding yes to all our heartfelt prayers…especially for the Geulah!

Watch New York Boys Choir, one of the most refreshing and creative sounds in the Jewish music scene, under the leadership of renowned producer Yitzy Bald, film producer, Lars Skaland, and musical producer and arranger extraordinaire, Doni Gross of DEG Productions, as they team up, to present this awesome, fun-filled, and inspiring music video/audio track, entitled “Pick Up The Phone”. As always, NYBC looks for a creative way to spread the joyous spirit of Purim and how we should celebrate it, dance on it, and be filled with pride. Conceptualized and directed by Yitzy Bald, Yossi Zweig, & Lars Skaland, this music video/audio clip, “Pick Up The Phone“, is sure to get you singing & dancing.


Choir Produced & Directed by: Yitzy Bald
Copyrighted & Protected (2021) by: Yitzy Bald
Music Video Conceptualized by: Yossi Zweig
Music Production: Doni Gross
Musical Arrangements: Doni Gross
Brass Arrangements & Performance: Danny Flam
Film Production: Lars Skaland
Photos: Moshe Gershbaum
Soloists: Dovid Berlin, Shmuel Haber, Nachi Kaufman, Shloimy Perelson, Benji Seroya, Eliezer Rosenfeld, & Rafael Soroka
Recorded at: DEG Studios Brooklyn NY
Brass Recorded at: studios, West Hempstead, NY
Mixed and Mastered by: Doni Gross
Shot on Location: The Merkaz Center Brooklyn, NY 11230
Special Thanks to: The Parents of the Choir