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Uncle Moishy – We Are So Special! – (OFFICIAL AUDIO SAMPLER)

Book + Music!

A brand new Uncle Moishy book created by Artscroll, packed with warm, beautiful lessons for all to learn and adorable pictures for all to see!

Also presenting…
A masterpiece album by Doni Gross, starring Uncle Moishy, with fun, powerful, exciting, and educational songs and music for all to hear!

Including 11 tracks of today’s popular songs, with new lyrics written by Chayala Neuhaus and Perry Binet, it is a fun, exciting, powerful, and educational album with beautiful Jewish concepts for everyone. It’s all about instilling the positivity and love for mitzvos and enjoying to do so. And most importantly, it leaves all with the awesome feeling of WE ARE SO SPECIAL!

One message: WE ARE SO SPECIAL!

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